Challenge Masters don’t seem to sit still long enough to get photos. Here they are at the awards in 2013
Challenge Masters 2014- E, A, & RS!
Challenge Masters 2014- E, A, & RS!

Challenge Masters are special folks. It’s their responsibility to see that each challenge at the Regional Tournament runs correctly with a fully trained set of Appraisers. To help them, each attended a special training session in January run by the OKC where each Regional Challenge Master (RCM) meets with and is trained by the Affiliate Challenge Master (ACM) for their problem.

We have an excellent group of RCMs, some are active or retired Team Managers, others are DI Alumni, still others have done the “climb” up from parent to Team Manager to Appraiser to Head Appraiser to RCM. Many Appraise at the state tournament and a number have appraised at Global Finals!

2018-19 Challenge Previews

Our Challenge Masters for 2018-19 are:  

A: On Target – Technical  
Carrie Sinkele

B: Medical Mystery – Scientific
Kristen Hamilton

C: Game On- Fine Arts
Bridget Yeager
(724) 407-3972

D: Heads Up – Improvisational
Bev Burke

E: Monster Effects – Engineering  (formerly defined as “Structural”)
William Capp
David Capp

Rising Stars: Pop Up – Early Learning
Patrice Kish

pO: Escape Artists – Service Learning
Elise Petras

Instant Challenge
Rachel Pappas

Instant Challenge – Assistant
Robert Capp

Score Room
Richard Clinton

2014 Score Room CM & staff.
2014 Score Room CM & staff.
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