Getting Started with Registration


region-1-2008--024 For the  2016-17 Tournament year, Novelis has once again given the Region a donation to reimburse teams for the cost of the Region 1 memberships packets from Destination Imagination as a contribution to the regional teams. You or your coordinator will purchase Memberships as usual and once the team has submitted their Regional Team Registration you will be sent the reimbursement for the membership. It is important that the information you enter at this site matches that ID information. If your team should move on to higher levels, the continuity of information is essential.

To speed the reimbursement process, the Treasurer needs to know who the check should be made payable to and for 2016-2017 Tournament year, he needs a copy of your invoice from DII because there are so many different amounts. Please help this process by filling out this form.

We suggest that the on-line Tournament Registration  be completed by team managers. Download this worksheet/data collection form to compile information.  The on-line form is used because all proper names will be spelled correctly in our data. If you need to make changes after submitting your form please contact the Regional Director.

Get your membership(s) from Destination Imagination.
Apply for your membership fee reimbursement.

Collect the following information:

  1. The team membership Number
  2. School and District
  3. Challenge (problem) and team level (read RotR about team formation)
  4. Your name, e-mail address (preferably one you check regularly), phones, Address.
  5. The Assistant team manager’s name, e-mail address (preferably one they check regularly), phones, Address.
  6. Name (spelled correctly), grade, age, and school for at least 2 team members
  7. Any scheduling problems (Please include information such as a Team Manager with more than one team (list additional team information), a team member or Manager with physical disability and any potential schedule conflicts. The information needs to be included on this form so that we may schedule the tournament in a timely manner. )

Fill in the online tournament registration form.

Be sure to check mark  “send a copy for my records” at the top of the online form. Don’t forget to do the math at the bottom (just the answer, not the work, please.)

Hit SUBMIT Button. You will receive an email confirmation with registration details. (If you, i.e. email address you supplied as TM doesn’t get this email, then there is an issue somewhere, contact the Treasurer ASAP) Print one copy of your registration for your records. Print one copy of your registration for your district coordinator. Note: some districts require a copy of the registration and/or work sheet before they will cut a P/O or check.

Starting in 2013 Tournament year, once team numbers were issued the Treasurer sent invoices to the TM or Building or District coordinator. These were based upon fees and discounts as they applied at the time. You make make changes (i.e. team didn’t form, you ordered DI number but formed a RS! team, you didn’t qualify for a discount, etc)
Return a copy of the invoice with your payment or
Mail the pages that include your district, school, team ID and manager contact information with your payment to:

Robert Capp, Regional Treasurer
1166 Townsend Avenue
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Please make all checks out to Ohio Kids for Creativity Region 1

If you decide to send all pages of your on-line form, please staple them together.

(Please read the Rules of the Road about adding team members. The staff at the Main Challenge will be checking official team rosters against the team members who show up on Tournament day.) Please note that no guarantees are made that members names will be included in the program if changes are requested after January 30th.

Before the posted deadline, see that your two Appraisers and one Volunteer fill in their registration forms.
Before the posted deadlines, order Challenge pins if you wish, also supply advertising forms and see if any team members wish to participate in the annual t-shirt design competition.