Sep 112017

The Board will meet on

Thursday, 14 Sept. 2017

7:00 pm meeting (6:30 pm to order dinner if you want it)

Agenda: Agenda-2017-09 is available

Financial statement will be emailed or presented at the meeting. Please RSVP (especially RCMs and Executive Board)

Denny’s Restaurant

Meeting room in Back
4020 Belmont Avenue
Liberty Township

Jun 142017

The 7 Bobs Sip & Paint Fund Raiser scheduled for this week has been postponed until Fall 2017.  Check back for details.

Jun 022017

Here’s another fund-raiser for one of our 2017 GF teams. This one is Tuesday, June 6 & you need to bring a copy of the Salvatores 7Bobs Boosters flyer 2per with you. (Actually, they are 2 to a page so share with a friend.)

See you There!

Bob #8.

May 282017

Here’s how our 4 teams finished out of a total of 1472 teams. The way it works at GF is Places 10-4 appear on the Jumbotron, then 3, 2, Specials, and 1st are called for their awards. Having 2/4 teams make it on the board is better than most regions and even some Affiliates.
Just as a reminder, at GF each level of each challenge has different Appraisers and a different IC, so you really can’t do a comparison except in the most general way.


#GF17 Region 1 team results