Dec 062011

The rush to Region 1 Tournament 2012 has started!

Congrats to our 1st Team Registration received – from Warren Lincoln K-8 Middle Level Team, William Young, Team Manager!

And last Saturday, FedEx delivered 36 lbs of Award Ribbons! Is one of those yours? Only if you register!



Dec 032011

Barbara J. Acerra, career educator, Past Regional Challenge Master for Instant Challenge, and friend of Region 1, died Thursday morning at her home.
Barb served several years as Co-Regional Challenge Master for Instant Challenge. After stepping down from that active roll she continued to assist the region behind the scenes arraigning for our use of the Trumbull County Educational Services Center for our Team Manager Training.
She will be missed by us and our prayers go out to her family.

Region 1 Board

Full details are available at

Nov 092011

Welcome Back Joseph Badger SD returning with 5 teams registered at DI-HQ on November 9th.

Region 1 is now at 35 Team memberships purchased.



Nov 042011

Welcome Back 4 teams from Warren!

1 Team from Warren City (D. Young) was registered with DI-HQ on October 28!

3 teams return from Lincoln K-8 in Warren who registered on November 04! One of those 3 is a Rising Stars! team.

Region 1 is now up to 30 teams registered with DI-HQ.