Nov 042011

Welcome Back 4 teams from Warren!

1 Team from Warren City (D. Young) was registered with DI-HQ on October 28!

3 teams return from Lincoln K-8 in Warren who registered on November 04! One of those 3 is a Rising Stars! team.

Region 1 is now up to 30 teams registered with DI-HQ.

Oct 162011

So 10 more team memberships!

Welcome back Sebring Schools with 5 teams registered October 10.

Also, welcome back for a 3rd year (and under a new name) John F. Kennedy Catholic School (previously Notre Dame) with 5 teams registered October 15.

For those who like to keep track of these things,

On 10/22/2009 we had 22 teams registered with DI-HQ;
On 10/20/2010  we had 18 teams registered with DI-HQ, and (drum roll please;)
On 10/16/2011  we have 26 teams registered with DI-HQ!

GO Region 1!

Oct 132011

Team Manager training will be held November 12, 2011 at
Reagan Hall at the Blessed Sacrament Parish
3020 Reeves Road Northeast
Warren, OH 44483-3616
Google Map:

9 am to Noon.

Team Manager Training?

Every team deserves a Trained Manager.

Find out the changes from last year.

Find out stuff from other more experienced managers.

Find out what really occurs at Instant Challenge!

Check-in: 8:30 am -9:00 am

Training: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost for the training is $3.00

The usual tasty and nutritious breakfast goodies will be there along with Coffee & Tea.

Please register by November 5, 2011.

Click here for online registration form