Jan 182012

Destination ImagiNation Community,

This is a reminder that the deadline for DISC Scholarships is February 1,
2012 and rapidly approaching! You can find out all the details for this
year’s search at http://didisc.org/scholarshipshome

Lists of past winners are located at http://didisc.org/scholarshipslist

You can also see some of our past entries at http://didisc.org/r-scholarshipentries

If you have ANY questions or have problems accessing any of the materials,
please contact either Nancy or I at _ScholarshipChairs@idodi.org_

Thank you!

DISC Scholarship Committee Co Chairs
Chris Groberg and Nancy Kornegay

Jan 122012

Sunday, Midnight is the deadline to get most Tournament forms submitted! Team Registration, Appraiser, and Volunteer are due.
We thank the 22 Teams who have submitted forms so far.

Also; don’t forget that additions to the submitted roster must be approved by the RD and (except RS teams) are limited to 7 team members even if one or more have left the school, been grounded, etc. Please read and reread the Rules of the Road.

Don’t forget the T-shirt, Ad, and Pin Order forms. And practice IC!!!

Jan 082012

See region1di.org/?page_id=115

Agenda on the page above and will be e-mailed to the usual list.

FYI- RD is in 5216b at St. Elizabeth’s, Belmont (as of 01/08 at 19:30)

Saturday is Training for Challenge Masters at Mt Vernon HS. Might want to attend Tuesday to arrange rides?

Dec 312011

It’s 76 days until the Region 1 Tournament! How are your preparations coming?

1. Don’t forget to check for problem clarification at http://www.destinationimagination.org/challenge-program/clarifications

2. Don’t forget to get your team forms in. (We have 14 team tournament forms so far.)

3. Don’t forget Ad forms and the T-shirt forms (We have 1 T-shirt entry so far.)

4. Don’t forget Appraisers and Volunteers have forms to complete.

5. Don’t forget to have a Happy New Year!!! See you March 17th!

Dec 112011

December Board meeting is THIS Tuesday! Usual 6:30 dinner/7PM Business at Denny’s.

See region1di.org/?page_id=115

Agenda is now on the page above (as of 22:44, 12/11) and will be e-mailed to the usual list when approved by the RD. lol