Jun 142017

The 7 Bobs Sip & Paint Fund Raiser scheduled for this week has been postponed until Fall 2017.  Check back for details.

Jun 022017

Here’s another fund-raiser for one of our 2017 GF teams. This one is Tuesday, June 6 & you need to bring a copy of the Salvatores 7Bobs Boosters flyer 2per with you. (Actually, they are 2 to a page so share with a friend.)

See you There!

Bob #8.

May 282017

Here’s how our 4 teams finished out of a total of 1472 teams. The way it works at GF is Places 10-4 appear on the Jumbotron, then 3, 2, Specials, and 1st are called for their awards. Having 2/4 teams make it on the board is better than most regions and even some Affiliates.
Just as a reminder, at GF each level of each challenge has different Appraisers and a different IC, so you really can’t do a comparison except in the most general way.


#GF17 Region 1 team results