This information applies to the March 2018 Regional Tournament. We will update for the 2019 tournament when information becomes available. This remains here so that new teams can become familiar with Region 1.
For 2017-2018 Tournament, here’s what we have from Novelis as of 12-Sep-2017; “We have some funds earmarked for DI this year, but the amount is to be determined.  I expect funds to be sent before the end of the calendar year, …”

As noted, this is pending information about  funds from Novelis. You or your coordinator will purchase Memberships as usual and once the team has submitted their Regional Team Registration you will be sent the reimbursement for the membership. It is important that the information you enter at this site matches that ID information. If your team should move on to higher levels, the continuity of information is essential. To speed the reimbursement process, the Treasurer needs to know who the check should be made payable to. Please help this process by filling  the following form.  Direct link to form if it is not visible below.

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