This information applies to the March 2018 Regional Tournament. We will update for the 2019 tournament when information becomes available. This remains here so that new teams can become familiar with Region 1.

Thanks for Volunteering!

Tournament Day is March 10, 2018

Volunteers are used all over the tournament from the Greeters at the registration in Kilcawley, the sales people with baskets, the folks helping with the Make a Hat area, and the guides who take teams up to IC holding area. Unlike appraisers, most volunteers can be scheduled so they can go see their teams perform their Challenge Solution.

Volunteers need to be over the age of 16.

Volunteers are usually trained on Tournament day.

Registration will be on the OHDI website this year. There are no schedule preferences listed in the OHDI form because it is used statewide. After you complete the form, Region 1 will send you a link to complete a Regional form so that you can choose your schedule.

Deadline for volunteer registration is 02-Feb-2018.

Here is the link to the volunteer form on OHDI

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