This information applies to the March 2018 Regional Tournament. We will update for the 2019 tournament when information becomes available. This remains here so that new teams can become familiar with Region 1.

Teams will be registering at the OHDI website this year.  Link below

You can download this  Registration worksheet  to compile information.  Before filling in the online form, please refer to the Rules of the Road for information regarding choosing the appropriate level for your team  and for rules regarding member additions. Once the form is submitted, only new team members can be added with the permission of the Regional Director. The absolute deadline is 03/9/2018, i.e. the night before the tournament (ONLY with permission of the RD.)

Region 1 Destination Imagination
Team Tournament Registration
Event Date: March 10, 2018, Youngstown State University

Registration Fees:
$15- Rising Stars

All other levels are as follows:
Early Bird Fee – Received by December 31, 2017 with all forms
$30 per team with an active & participating Region 1 Board Member
$40 per team with no Board Member

Standard Fee – Received by January 15, 2018 with all forms:
$35 per team with an active & participating Region 1 Board Member
$45 per team with no Board member.

The Treasurer will send an invoice once your team number(s) is issued.
Note: we accept Purchase Orders and checks.

Checks Payable to:
Region 1 Ohio Kids for Creativity
Mail to:
Robert Capp, Region 1 Treasurer
1166 Townsend Ave.
Youngstown, OH 44505

Here is the link at OHDI to register:

If your team has already registered and you need to make changes or additions, please contact the RD.

Likewise, if you allowed the deadline for Team Registration to pass without registering your team, also contact the RD.

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