This information applies to the March 2018 Regional Tournament. We will update for the 2019 tournament when information becomes available. This remains here so that new teams can become familiar with Region 1.

2015-cindy-pinThe PDF forms have been updated for 2018. All have minor changes from 2017 to reflect the change in the board members. T-shirt form has an optional shirt outline that may be used in the layout of your design. Ad form has NO increase in ad prices (still less than 2009) and you can now do color. All forms are available and updated for 2018. Be aware that Team, Appraiser, and Volunteer are OKC forms and have changed from previous years. 

For Date-Conscious types:

2nd Thursday each monthRegion 1 Board (Denny’s Belmont @ I-80, 6:30 dinner, 7:00 Business)
—except March and/or April meetings may move because of Training and or Tournament Dates.

28 Oct 2017Team Manager Training Day! (Form due about a week before)
15 Nov 2017 – Deadline for OKC Global Pin(s) design contest.    

The following are based upon a Mar 10 Tournament date
31-Dec-2017 – Team Tournament Registration EARLY BIRD Deadline.
05-Jan-2018T-shirt contest form deadline. <== About a month earlier than previous years
15-Jan-2018 – Team Tournament Registration Deadline.

31-Jan-2018  – Pin Order deadlines.
02-Feb-2018  – Appraiser & Volunteer Form Deadline. The will be NO extensions as the Appraiser Assignment team will be making assignments on
                             02/03 or 04 so that the CM’s will know their staff and so the Appraisers can be informed of their assignments ahead of Training.
17-Feb-2018 – Appraiser Training at Niles United Methodist Church (same location as 2017)
24-Feb-2018Advertising Form Deadline
10-Mar-2018 – Tournament @ Youngstown State
12-Mar-2018 – Forms for Ohio DI Tournament due (non-compliance will cost Region 1 money)
24-Mar-2018 – Ohio DI Tournament, Mt. Vernon High School
23-May-2018 – Global Finals, UT, Knoxville, TN

Info is current as of 2017-11-09



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