Help Our Teams

Those of you who have gone to Knoxville know how much fun it is between OKC Tournament in mid-April and the due date for fees for the Global Tournament in Mid-May. About $700.00 per team member and TM PLUS transportation.
Please help our teams with their money-making efforts.

Challenge B My Mama’s Vanilla
Nothing yet.

Challenge D Niles High School
nothing yet.

Challenge E Howland Middle School
Recycling Day event (PDF Flyer) Saturday, May 18, 2013, 10 AM – 1 PM at Richard E. Orwig Gazebo Parking Lot.

Challenge pO Summit Academy (Senior High)
This team has a GoFundMe site up and running. Other DI teams elsewhere have raised over 1/2 the money for Globals this way.

Of course all our teams will cheerfully take whatever donations you wish to make to help them on their journey to Knoxville. Check back often for updates.
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