Mar 132017

The special awards were as follows:

Renaissance – Campbell City High School, TM: Dana King – nominated by the Appraisers in the Technical Challenge for exceeding engineering expectations.

DaVinci – Youngstown Early College “Flaming Flamingos 2.0”, TM: Nicholas Gilanyi – nominated by the Fine Arts Appraisers for amazing creativity and drama.
DaVinci – Howland, North Road “The Groovy Gang”, TM: Tina Cook / Lynne VanDervort – nominated by the Instant Challenge appraisers for bringing music and comedy to their performance,

Spirit of DI – Howland Middle School “The 7 Bobs”, TM: Koula Anastasiades – nominated by Fine Arts appraisers for exceptional team spirit during a technical glitch.
Spirit of DI – Youngstown Chaney, TM: Carla Gipson – nominatd by Instant Challenge appraisers for spirit and laughter during an unsuccessful attempt to solve the challenge.
Spirit of DI – Girard, Prospect, TM: Frannie Corsale – nominated by Fine Art appraisers for exceptional teamwork during a backdrop malfunction before and during their performance,
Spirit of DI – Bob Capp Nominated by Maxina Gohlke and seconded by all CMs and Tournament Committee Members for exemplifying the spirit of DI with his many years of outstanding dedication to the program.

Mar 102017

Received from Mr. John Young, YSU Director:

When setting up and tearing down at YSU, I ask that you remind the DI staff and volunteers of the following:  Kilcawley Center/DeBartolo Hall/Beeghly Center are conference/student center and our rooms have various finishes and flooring. The ONLY tape permitted to be used is masking tape, and you are only permitted to tape with masking tape to the cinder block walls and laminated doors. No one is permitted to tape to the glass, carpet, floors, wallpaper and drywall throughout the building and under no circumstance is scotch, duct, or packing tape permitted to be used anywhere in the center. We just recently hand several hallways, lobbies and rooms painted.

Please remind the staff and volunteers to remind the DI participants, families, and friends that they are guests of the University and to be respectful of the building and campus, and to use caution when moving in and out props or decorations. In the past we have had larger items damage walls, ceilings, and chandlers, and if they are looking to dispose of the aforementioned props, to ask the Kilcawley Center and cleaning staff for assistance. If dumpster space allows, we will be happy to accommodate the request.