Free Destination Imagination ID Numbers!


For the  2016-17 Tournament year, Novelis has once again given the Region a donation to reimburse teams for the cost of the Region 1 memberships packets from Destination Imagination as a contribution to the regional teams. You or your coordinator will purchase Memberships as usual and once the team has submitted their Regional Team Registration you will be sent the reimbursement for the membership. It is important that the information you enter at this site matches that ID information. If your team should move on to higher levels, the continuity of information is essential. To speed the reimbursement process, the Treasurer needs to know who the check should be made payable to. Please help this process by filling  the following form.

If no registration confirmation is received, please check your spam folder. We’ve experienced Email issues recently. If you haven’t received a confirmation after an hour, please contact us.

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